No Thank You - My Not To Do List

As we progress in our careers and business, we are often faced with so many opportunities that tends to distract us. However, once in a while, you have to pause and re-evaluate your actions. Else, you may end up committing yourself to so many things but fail to meet deliverables.

You have to decide what things are important to you that deserves your priority and activities that you have to stop doing. Learning how to say, "No, thank you" to projects can be quite hard. However, one must do so in order to keep focus and achieve our long terms goals.

In my case, I already decided to say, "no thank you," to the following:

1. Attend international forums as a speaker or delegate without proper compensation. Not only they eat time but have high opportunity cost as well.

2. Demanding writing or research projects that aren't paying as much as it should be worth.

3. Fund international trainings and bring a speaker here without full commitment from possible participants.

4. Join I.T. associations for the sake of just networking. Primarily, it is the same faces wherever you go.

5. Work with politicians or leaders who tries to please almost everyone, including those who have been backstabbing you. Else, one's sincerity and trust will always be doubted.


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