My Mission Statement

After so much reflection for the past months, I have finally thought of what my mission statement should be. For those of you who are contemplating about your personal mission statement, I hope this one will provide you some guidance and inspiration as well.

My journey is about making e-commerce, ICT, and Internet a reality to all Filipinos. I shall do this by performing advocacy work through speaking engagements, training, writing, research, and policy development.

I shall be indefatiguable and tirelessly generate ideas to support my mission and help like-minded individuals in achieving this.

I will do all important tasks at hand with full perseverance, fairness, and determination.

I will conduct my work that are within my true principles and fair in God's eyes.

I will listen emphatically at all times and share my opinion only after I fully listened.

I will be understanding in the best way I can and determined in getting the right things done.

For the personal side, it is about family being more important than anything else. Be a good friend and be forgiving to those that have caused harm. There was a time that I've put my advocacy and friends above anything else. As things start crumbling, due to politics and shallow friendships, I realized what should be more important and who my real friends are.

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