A sense of purpose

After the iBlog summit, I started checking out the blogs of participants who wrote about it and posted messages expressing heartfelt thanks for their support.

I believe the greatest thing that a blog has given to Internet users today is a medium for each blogger's "voice" to be heard. I'm certain that the day will come where blogs will be used to raise the problems and pains that some of us are facing and take action. One great example in this regard is the PEP Coalition's Pacific Plans - Broken Dreams blog at http://www.pacificnoplan.blogspot.com/

In my time back in 1997-2000, discussion groups were most useful in lobbying for the passage of the Y2K Law and E-Commerce Law.

Today, blogs can serve as a powerful medium where individuals can synergize to push for a common cause. The Internet generation has so many choices available to get their voice heard. May blogs be used responsibly and affect change for the good of everyone.


Janette Toral said…
Just curious. Why would a blogger want to post their office problems/issues in a public blog?
Sean said…
It could be that some people don't find a clear distinction between their work and their personal lives. Their office problems and issues would therefore be fair game for blogging.

I am not aware of the reasons for which their companies penalize them, though. I may say that these people supposedly violate their contracts' non-disclosure agreements, only that's more of a guess than anything else.
sky said…
For the sake of discussion, Ms Janette, I can relate on this one. Office atmosphere is toxic, and since most of us are wired, we discover blogging and vent (I hate the word rant) our predicaments. That's the basic reason. Before blogging, we aimlessly surfed the Internet, found porn and got terminated.

Now some of us have been sublime and become creative in the process but others are more direct, not knowing that if it reaches the management, the evidence is there in black and white for everybody to read and there is no way to subvert the information like we do re: aimless web surfing.

We haven't heard of Pinoys dooced from work here in Pinas and there is no blogging policy drafted by employers or DOLE itself yet. It's still a gamble for us workers and we're testing the waters quite riskily.

Thanks, btw, for visiting my site.
Sean said…
"Office atmosphere is toxic"

Geez, I knew something was wrong with our air-conditioning, but I didn't think it was this bad...
Janette Toral said…
As for work-related rants, it is hard to generalize. Does one rant citing where he/she works, citing names of employer and superiors in their blogs?

Do bloggers post their work-related problems in a blog because there's no venue for them to discuss issues within the office?

As for policies, standard Internet use policy of companies shall apply. Normally, it has a provision on confidentiality of corporate information and developments.

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