A sense of purpose

After the iBlog summit, I started checking out the blogs of participants who wrote about it and posted messages expressing heartfelt thanks for their support.

I believe the greatest thing that a blog has given to Internet users today is a medium for each blogger's "voice" to be heard. I'm certain that the day will come where blogs will be used to raise the problems and pains that some of us are facing and take action. One great example in this regard is the PEP Coalition's Pacific Plans - Broken Dreams blog at http://www.pacificnoplan.blogspot.com/

In my time back in 1997-2000, discussion groups were most useful in lobbying for the passage of the Y2K Law and E-Commerce Law.

Today, blogs can serve as a powerful medium where individuals can synergize to push for a common cause. The Internet generation has so many choices available to get their voice heard. May blogs be used responsibly and affect change for the good of everyone.

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