Having an advocacy

I usually find myself having an advocacy at the time when things don't go well. In 1997, while I was having some uncertainty in direction, the opportunity in starting the Philippine Internet Commerce Society (http://www.pics.org.ph) came to life. In 2001, as my influence increased, the number of intrigues increased as well. As I mentioned in my earlier blog post, no one can hurt you without your consent.

As I decided not to be affected, the opportunity to start the Philippine Schools Cyberfair (http://www.cyberfair.ph) came to life. In its 5th year, the competition has gone a long way and started an important trend as far as integrating ICT in basic education. Earlier this week, I decided to start the Cyberfair blog (http://cyberfair.i.ph) to support a bigger campaign this year.

I believe that if each one of us will have an advocacy, whether as a lead or supporting role, our country can become a better place for all of us Filipinos.

Do you have an advocacy? Kindly share it here or in your blog. Will be glad to learn more about it. Thanks!


markmomukhamo said…
Hi Ms Janette! I don't know if you remember me but I was attending PICS activities on and off back then. I think PICS played an important role in sending a message to the community that the Internet and e-commerce is viable in the Philippines.

My personal advocacy at this point of my life is still in its early stages. I'm still studying and learning about the issues before I take a concrete step.

I hope you're doing well Ms. Janette. I wish I could've attended the iblog summit. Sounded like it was fun and interesting. :)
Janette Toral said…
Hi Mark. Great to hear from you. Times are hard but we are all working hard to survive and continue our advocacies.

Do let me know once you have your advocacy defined. If you can consider Cyberfair as one, that will be great!

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