Saturday, May 14, 2005

Having an advocacy

I usually find myself having an advocacy at the time when things don't go well. In 1997, while I was having some uncertainty in direction, the opportunity in starting the Philippine Internet Commerce Society ( came to life. In 2001, as my influence increased, the number of intrigues increased as well. As I mentioned in my earlier blog post, no one can hurt you without your consent.

As I decided not to be affected, the opportunity to start the Philippine Schools Cyberfair ( came to life. In its 5th year, the competition has gone a long way and started an important trend as far as integrating ICT in basic education. Earlier this week, I decided to start the Cyberfair blog ( to support a bigger campaign this year.

I believe that if each one of us will have an advocacy, whether as a lead or supporting role, our country can become a better place for all of us Filipinos.

Do you have an advocacy? Kindly share it here or in your blog. Will be glad to learn more about it. Thanks!