Finding my way in the U.P Diliman Campus

It is quite embarrassing not knowing my way around UP Diliman despite the fact that I visit this place quite often. Yesterday, as I was having a discussion with two teachers in my e-learning workshop, they shared how amuse they are with the two jeepney routes. One is UP Ikot which does not pass by Computer Science Resource Center. The other teacher said, "You should take UP Toki". I looked at him and was a little confused. I asked, "What is TOKI? Is that a building?"
He said it is the reverse of "Ikot". TOKI takes the other route and passes by the Computer Science Resource Center.

The biggest lesson learned I had yesterday was from Paul Hubbard of A few months back, he was already warning me about the stability of and was quite reluctant to heed as I was earning from it. Finally, alas, as I was going through my accepting online payments lecture portion yesterday, I finally realized that Ikobo was really having problems. But Paul, being a good friend indeed, came to the rescue and will provide me testing modules that my students can get their hands on.

Thanks Paul. You are heaven sent!

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