93 sign-ups and more to come

As of this time, 93 bloggers have signed up at iBlog. Getting the chance to read through the blogs can give you a perspective as to who will you get the chance to meet on May 7.

Very eager to catch up with Sacha and find out from her as to why her blog was designed in such format.

I look forward in catch up with Aaron who if I'm not mistaken is one of our Cyberfair competition past participant.

Jesse Liwag, a fellow co-founder in the Philippine Internet Commerce Society will also be there.

Billy Pucyutan, my classmate in the Government Security Program, will be attending the event too and a good pre-meet up to our forthcoming Security Guidance Training I & II.

For those of you who don't know how to get to UP-NISMED, visit Prem Rara's blog and check out the map Prem created.

A former contact sa Informatics, Chris Haravata, who is now at APC will also be there.

Of course, I'm sure Mike Abundo won't miss this event too.

I was able to check out most of the blogs and look forward in meeting fellow bloggers at the event.


Mike Abundo said…
We gotta represent, baby. We talkative Filipinos can spread across the blogosphere as fast as we've spread across meatspace. ;)

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