Blogging and Copyright

My Sun.Star column about Blog Copyright and Ethics has caught the attention of a fellow blogger. If posting a snippet or two from a another person's or entity site may be considered as fair use, anything that is sent in private, unless requested to be forwarded and is an original work of the person requesting, should be distributed or published with permission of the author or copyright owner in an email, blog, website, or newsgroup.


Fleeb said…
What reminded me is the fact that bloggers do not receive the same protection as journalists. Bloggers can be sued or fired from a job because of what they (we) wrote may it be an opinion or a mild criticism.
Janette Toral said…
Actually, journalists can be fired for plagiarism and violation of copyright. Furthermore, their publications can be sued for that.

Bloggers, on the other hand, can be sued for libel or copyright violation as an individual. If they are using company resources for committing such, that is the time that their companies can be liable too.
Fleeb said…
Well plagiarism and copyright infringement are indeed violations. What I meant (sorry it was somewhat off topic but somehow related): Its just that I found lots of articles in the Internet regarding the bloggers... like the one discussed in this blog and its link to this report

The thing is, those fired did not actually committed copyright violations or such, they just wrote something you would expect a blogger would write.

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