Creating your email based tutorial

I chance upon an archived blog of Abraham Olandres where he talked about creating a PHP+MySQL email tutorial where he cited what I've done as an example. Actually, I first learned of the idea from Shery's DailyWrites site. To date, I have three workshops online hosting it at

Creating an online workshop helps you generate a good database as well of targeted individuals who you have assurance of their interest in the subject.

Were you able to create an email based tutorial? How was the experience?


Abe said…
Hi Janet!

Just happened here thru my PinoyBlog site.

About the Email Tutorial, it went well but I didn't have that much clients (about 4 or 5) that time. Half of them I sent a CD to include the necessary softwares to install Apache & mySQL locally.

I did have other email tutorials after that (PHP and web design related) and a few more custom ones as requested.

I'm planning to do more actually when I have time. =)

Janette Toral said…
Hi Abe. Not sure if I got you there. What happened to your PinoyBlog site?

I agree with you that e-mail tutorials don't click that much well. That is the reason why I switched to the club concept (came the Club) and integrated my tutorials there. So far ok na rin siya but it can do better of course.
Abe said…
I'm always on the look out for something I can launch online. Just discovered Macromedia's Captivate and it basically captures your desktop screen and creates a demo for you. A really good e-Learning tool. We're now using it as a tutorial materials for all our hosting appliances.

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