I hate spam!

Eversince I created DigitalFilipino.com, nearly five years ago, I find it interesting to witness how much spam has grown through time. Nearly 90% of the emails I received per day is spam.

For the newbie, here are some suggestions on how you can prevent the same predicament I went through.

Have several email addresses
In order to promote my website, I sign a lot of guestbooks and joined discussion group using my primary email address, janette@digitalfilipino.com. As a result, this address became so exposed to email harvesting software that result to my current predicament.

Today, I have four email addresses. I use digitalfilipino@yahoogroups.com and digitalfilipino@gmail.com as a public address. Yahoo and Gmail offers great spam filtering service that I have been able to take advantage of. Two more email addresses for private transactions between DigitalFilipino.com club members and clients.

Anti-spam tools
There are several anti-spam tools available today. So far, I'm using 0spam to block most of the spams I get in my business email address.

There are also several anti-spam server tools that you can check out for Windows. This sample chapter from the book Anti-Spam Toolkit can be of further information to you.

You can also buy this book from us for only US$49.99. Delivery will take from 7 to 10 working days.


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