Friday, June 20, 2003


IBM today announced the first models of its redesigned PC and visuals families, the new ThinkCentre desktop and ThinkVision monitor ranges, finalising its move to bring all PC products and services under the one name - "Think". These products offer innovative new ThinkVantage Technologies designed to reduce costs and increase productivity. The ThinkCentre S50, M50 and A50p feature an easy access, tool-free chassis design, simplifying maintenance, upgrades and service for customers. The ThinkVision L170 and ThinkVision L170p 17-inch flat panel monitors are designed to provide performance, quality, flexibility and ease-of-use at outstanding price points.

Stop searching for the screwdriver
The ThinkCentre S50, M50 and A50p desktops offer several features that reduce costs and IT staff time by driving down the complexity of managing PC infrastructure. The new desktops all feature a tool-free chassis design, which simplifies and enhances usability. Encased in a durable steel chassis, components inside the machine, such as the hard disk and memory, can easily be removed by the customer, making the PC serviceable and upgradeable, helping to limit the downtime and cost associated with on-site support. Cable routing is bundled out of the way for easy access to components and cable ends and user “touch points” are coloured blue to be easily identified by the user.

ThinkCentre desktops also feature an innovative "caddy" that surrounds the hard disk drive, locking it into place without the use of tools or screws. Rubber bumpers on the caddy decrease vibration and deliver quieter operation. Other mechanical improvements have been made to the overall design of the new ThinkCentre PCs, including improved air flow and reduced noise.

Overview of the ThinkCentre

The new ThinkCentre range includes many of the latest industry standard technologies to improve overall system performance and efficiency. All ThinkCentre desktops incorporate the latest Intel Pentium 4 processor technology (with Hyper-Threading on select models), offering system bus speeds up to 800MHz as well as the speed of PC2700 memory and dual-channel support. Faster new Serial ATA is available on select models, giving customers greater choice of hard disk drives. Integrated Ethernet options include Intel PRO/100 or Intel PRO/1000 (Gigabit Ethernet) in the ThinkCentre M50 and S50.

The ThinkCentre S50 is a full-feature enterprise PC offering image and platform stability in an extremely small form factor. Featuring a space-saving design with dimensions of just 12.2 inches wide by 14.1 inches deep by 3.3 inches high, the ThinkCentre S50 is 62 per cent smaller than a standard IBM desktop. It allows for flexible placement, either horizontally or vertically.

In response to customer feedback, IBM designed the ThinkCentre S50 to feature an internal power supply, two full-size PCI slots, three bays, and an industry-standard desktop optical drive. These features allow customization and easy upgrading, which is uncommon for a small form factor PC.

The ThinkCentre M50 offers enhanced support for Red Hat and SuSE Linux. The M50 provides stability and manageability for the enterprise and is available with three improved mechanical designs. Each of these models shares a common system board and software image (per operating system), giving flexibility and image compatibility to organisations purchasing various models of the M50. Both the S50 and M50 offer global models available in 68 countries and workhorse models that feature 12 months of planned hardware stability.

IBM announced the ThinkCentre A50p, a multimedia-centric machine offering a wide range of optical drives and video graphics adapters with up to 128MB DDR memory (1).

Select ThinkCentre models feature IBM ThinkVantage Technologies that improve security and simplify PC fleet management, including the enhanced Rapid Restore Ultra. Rapid Restore Ultra provides a one-button backup and recovery solution that can easily restore previously saved data, settings and applications after a software failure. All ThinkVantage Technologies help meet new requirements for flexibility and dynamic reconfiguration of global organisations moving toward an on-demand business model.

Select models of the new ThinkCentre desktops are equipped to take advantage of ImageUltra, IBM's innovative, patented image management technology designed to lower costs by reducing the number of software images managed by IT departments. Images on the S50 and M50 are compatible, enabling a single image to be deployed across multiple platforms. The ThinkCentre S50, M50 and A50p also feature the new Access IBM button, a portal to IBM support that taps into a rich set of onboard resources, diagnostic tools, automated solutions, and links to updates and service on-line for customers with Internet access.

Select models of the new ThinkCentre S50, M50 and A50p desktops feature the IBM Embedded Security Subsystem, consisting of an integrated security chip and downloadable IBM Client Security Software. This hardware and software-based solution provides a higher level of security for the client, providing a secure repository for storing sensitive keys, identity information and confidential data.

New ThinkVision flat panel and CRT monitors

The ThinkVision L170 and ThinkVision L170p 17-inch flat panel monitors are designed to provide performance, quality, flexibility and ease-of-use at outstanding price points. L170 is part of IBM's essential monitor family while the L170p is a member of the high-end performance line. These new 17-inch flat panel LCD monitors display an optimum resolution of 1280 x 1024 and offer unique ThinkVantage Design characteristics including an on-screen display function that helps enable more intuitive adjustments and direct access to frequently used monitor functions enabling quick and easy setup. Additionally, the L170p ergonomic stand keeps the base stationary while allowing the monitor to swivel 135 degrees in either direction. The L170p offers analogue or digital system attachment, as well as dual input which allows the monitor to be attached to two systems simultaneously.

IBM today also announced the new ThinkVision C170 and C190 monitors, high quality CRT monitors affordably priced. Both monitors feature award-winning IBM ThinkVantage Design including superior front of screen performance and easy-to-use on-screen display for monitor adjustments, as well as quick and easy setup. The ThinkVision C170 is a 17-inch monitor with a 16-inch viewable image size. The ThinkVision C190 is a 19-inch monitor with an 18-inch viewable image size, allowing for increased productivity, as studies have shown that more data on the screen results in less scrolling and fewer key strokes. Both monitors feature Full Flat Shadow Mask (FFSM) technology for clear images on the entire screen with low distortion and low glare.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

HP Unveils New Large-Format Printing Systems for Enhanced Productivity

HP Philippines announced three new HP Designjet printing systems created to increase productivity while delivering top-quality results. The Designjet 120 is the industry’s first 24-inch multi-format printer targeted for graphics professionals. The HP Designjet 815mfp and HP Designjet Scanner 4200 are the newest multi-function, easy-to-use systems designed for technical, mapping, and graphics professionals alike.

“Customers are looking for the ease and simplicity of integrated solutions that will fit in to just about any work environment,” said Rose Hwan, General Manager for HP’s Imaging and Printing Group. “Not only do the new, large-format printing systems deliver on that need, but with more than 40 years as the printing industry leader, customers can be confident they have made the right decision when they choose HP.”

Color Image Quality that Brings Ideas to Life – The HP Designjet 120

The HP Designjet 120 printer is an affordable system for designers who want the flexibility of printing standard and large-format projects at their desktop with the look and feel of professional comps.

Whether making a poster, a brochure or a banner, the Designjet 120 eliminates the need for cut and paste or outsourcing because it has the ability to print common sizes like letter, tabloid and custom sizes from 3 by 5.6-inches to 24-inches wide. Now, creative professionals using the HP Designjet 120 printing system can spend more time designing outstanding work and less time worrying about the technical printing process.

From Start to Finish - The HP Designjet 815 mfp Printer

The HP Designjet 815 mfp printer is a complete, self-contained solution that handles a multitude of large-format printing, scanning, and copying tasks. From maps and satellite photos to large-format copies, the HP Designjet 815 mfp printer maximizes workspace while giving customers the flexibility to print documents quickly and easily.

The HP Designjet 815 mfp printer provides customers, especially those in the government mapping, transportation, telecommunications and utility industries, the ability to break away from paper-based processes and digitize thousands of large-format maps, plans, designs and diagrams. Copy Shops and reprographics houses can also benefit from the HP Designjet 815 mfp printer with additional large-format scanning and copying services for their customers.

Add Color Scanning And Copying to an Existing HP Designjet Printer Hassle-free -– The HP Designjet Scanner 4200

For customers who already own an HP Designjet printer or want faster or more versatile printing performance, the HP Designjet Scanner 4200 can integrate seamlessly with that printer to create a complete mfp solution. The HP Designjet Scanner 4200 extends the functionality beyond printing to include copying and scanning. This increased functionality offers print service providers the ability to grow their business and offer more services, such as large-format prints and copies, enlargements and reductions, and file archiving. Pre-configured drivers and built-in network connectivity make it easy to add this scanner to earlier models of HP Designjet Printer series.

Standard in both the HP Designjet 815 mfp printer and the HP Designjet Scanner 4200 is a new touch-screen display with CD writer and keyboard that make it easy for even untrained users to scan, print, and copy from one machine. Sharp line and color consistency have been enhanced and the solutions come fully network ready. In addition, the closed-loop calibration system delivers consistent color reproduction.


The Designjet printers and scanners are already available in the Philippines with estimated street prices as follows:

Designjet 120 - Php 85,000.00
Designjet 120nr - Php 130,000.00
Designjet 815mfp - Php 1,435,300.00
HP Scanner 4200 - Php 1,154,000.00

Additional information on HP large-format printing products and services is available at
Epson Launched Three New Printers
by Jherlie Cheng

Digital Imaging and Printing Solutions provider Epson Philippines unveiled three new products designed for all type of users. An entry-level inkjet printer the Epson Stylus C43SX, a high definition photo printer the Stylus Photo 935 and a consumer-class flatbed scanner the Epson Perfection 3200.

Epson Stylus C43SX

This printer is designed for the budget conscious but needs a high photo-quality output. The C43SX has a print resolution of up to 2,880 optimized dots per inch (dpi). It also includes an easy-to-use photo utility, Epson PhotoQuicker3.4 that makes printing of photos easy and immediate with a large previewing window and new red-eye reduction feature.

The Epson Stylus is offered for the suggested retail price of Ph P 3,195.00 only. “A superb value and quality with no hidden cost associated in achieving even better performance.” Jino Alvarez said, Epson assistant general manager.

Epson Stylus Photo 935

A high definition photo printer equipped with USB direct print capability that allows users to print without a computer. The USB Direct Print standard enables direct printing from leading digital camera markers including Nikon, Casio, Pentax, Kyocera, Minolta and many more.

This photo printer features dedicated card slots for direct printing from digital camera memory cards without using adapters. In addition to Smart Media, Memory Stick, Compact Flash and IBM MicroDrive memory cards, memory card in the Stylus Photo 935 has been expanded to include Secure Digital (SD) memory cards.

The retail price of Epson Stylus Photo printer is PhP 18,995.00.

Epson Perfection 3200 Photo

A consumer-class flatbed scanner targeted for photography enthusiasts. This scanner boasts an optical resolution of 3200 x 6400 dpi.

It also employs high-speed USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 Interfaces and a high-speed ASIC processor to process and transfer image data quickly between the host computer and scanner. Another unique feature of Epson Perfection 3200 Photo is the inclusion of a prism sheet in the film adapter, that intensifies the light volume during film scanning, illumination more of the scanning area in less time for faster overall film scanning

Furthermore, it is bundled with Lasersoft Silverfast SE that gives users high-end image processing capabilities, from color restoring to dust and scratches removal. It offers three operational modes to suit different levels of expertise. The Full Auto Mode for automatic scanning, Home Mode for beginners and the Professional Mode for serious scanning enthusiasts.

The Epson Perfection 3200 Photo scanner is offered for the suggested retail price of PhP 23,995.00.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Datacraft Asia poised to deliver “Storage-Ready Network”

June 4, 2003 -- Datacraft Asia has laid out its vision for the next step in the convergence of network and storage infrastructure: the Storage-Ready Network. This is a single intelligent infrastructure providing data, voice, video and storage services, and has a common framework for security, quality of service and management.

The hallmark of a Storage-Ready Network is a carefully planned architecture that has taken into consideration current and future storage requirements. It addresses two fundamental layers of Datacraft’s services-based Application Network architecture framework – connectivity and platform – to deliver business benefits to the enterprise.

"While many customers have embraced storage consolidation projects, technology and approaches to date haven’t addressed the underlying storage network infrastructure,” said Marc A. P. Tioseco, President and CEO of Datacraft Communications Systems, Inc., the local subsidiary of Datacraft-Asia. "The unfortunate irony is, while most organisations undergo storage consolidation, they proliferate storage networks, creating unnecessary costs, management complexity and separate security policies.”

Datacraft has created a new Storage & Networking Convergence Assessment Service to assist organisations take the essential first steps in migrating to a Storage-Ready Network and realising the benefits of a single intelligent infrastructure.

“Organisations typically deploy storage solutions for three main reasons: cost reduction; availability and business continuity; and data growth and scalability. However, these deployments can result in additional costs, management resources and discontinuity in other areas of the enterprise. Our new assessment service brings clients back to their original aims by reducing cost, increasing business flexibility and lowering risk across the entire enterprise,” said Tioseco.

Through a series of questionnaires, interviews, documentation review and workshops with business and technical representatives, Datacraft can assess current storage and networking infrastructure and processes, as well as an organisation’s stated future directions. Using gap analysis validated against business requirements, a draft technical architecture and action plan are developed to assist the organisation in moving towards a Storage-Ready Network.

Today, many organisations are already addressing convergence with data, video and voice and Storage-Ready Networks take this convergence one-step further. Using Cisco Systems’ new MDS 9000 family of Multilayer Directors and Fabric Switches, Datacraft enables customers to add storage connectivity to their multi-service networks by providing new functionality such as VSAN for storage network consolidation and multi-protocol support with FC, FCIP and iSCSI to enable convergence.

Datacraft is rolling out the Storage-Ready Networks assessment service in conjunction with a 10-city regional marketing road show with key solution partners EMC and Cisco Systems. Datacraft is an EMC global Value-Added Systems Integration (VASI) partner, and one of a select group of EMC Authorized Services Network (ASN) partners in the Asia Pacific. Datacraft is also a Cisco Gold Certified Partner and Cisco’s largest overall systems integration partner in the Asia Pacific.

Datacraft Network Storage solutions are designed to address fundamental network storage requirements including network storage infrastructure, storage consolidation, backup & recovery, high availability, disaster recovery and automated storage management.

As a new business solution, it is difficult to ascertain whether Datacraft’s Storage & Networking Convergence Assessment service business will have a material impact on this financial year.