The Return of Eastern Telecom
by Jherlie Cheng

Eastern Telecom, one of the pioneers in the telecommunications business makes a come back despite the neck-to-neck battle of Internet Service Providers in the country. Although this time, the company is all geared up with new services for corporate and home-based clients.

Virgil Pedro, vice-president for corporate sales and marketing of Eastern Telecom introduced the company’s new products, which will give customers more choices for their communications needs. Among these new products are the Passport that is for consistent bandwidth hungry applications. It is a cost-effective alternative to regular leased line and DSL.

Volume Metered Internet or VMI, which provides high speed Internet access on demand with customers paying only for utilized bandwidth. It is recommended for backup, video conferencing, sending data files in bulk via FTP, and for hosting critical websites.

Eastern Telecom also come up with Work @ Home service with near-broadband speed dial-up service, which makes a great alternative to dedicated dial up and low-end DSL. With this service, multiple users can simultaneously connect to the Internet and access corporate intranet.

More value-added services are also now available for Eastern Telecom customers such as E-mail Hosting, Web Hosting, server co-location and networking services like network configuration, cabling and LAN installation and E-mail setup.


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