HP Unveils New Large-Format Printing Systems for Enhanced Productivity

HP Philippines announced three new HP Designjet printing systems created to increase productivity while delivering top-quality results. The Designjet 120 is the industry’s first 24-inch multi-format printer targeted for graphics professionals. The HP Designjet 815mfp and HP Designjet Scanner 4200 are the newest multi-function, easy-to-use systems designed for technical, mapping, and graphics professionals alike.

“Customers are looking for the ease and simplicity of integrated solutions that will fit in to just about any work environment,” said Rose Hwan, General Manager for HP’s Imaging and Printing Group. “Not only do the new, large-format printing systems deliver on that need, but with more than 40 years as the printing industry leader, customers can be confident they have made the right decision when they choose HP.”

Color Image Quality that Brings Ideas to Life – The HP Designjet 120

The HP Designjet 120 printer is an affordable system for designers who want the flexibility of printing standard and large-format projects at their desktop with the look and feel of professional comps.

Whether making a poster, a brochure or a banner, the Designjet 120 eliminates the need for cut and paste or outsourcing because it has the ability to print common sizes like letter, tabloid and custom sizes from 3 by 5.6-inches to 24-inches wide. Now, creative professionals using the HP Designjet 120 printing system can spend more time designing outstanding work and less time worrying about the technical printing process.

From Start to Finish - The HP Designjet 815 mfp Printer

The HP Designjet 815 mfp printer is a complete, self-contained solution that handles a multitude of large-format printing, scanning, and copying tasks. From maps and satellite photos to large-format copies, the HP Designjet 815 mfp printer maximizes workspace while giving customers the flexibility to print documents quickly and easily.

The HP Designjet 815 mfp printer provides customers, especially those in the government mapping, transportation, telecommunications and utility industries, the ability to break away from paper-based processes and digitize thousands of large-format maps, plans, designs and diagrams. Copy Shops and reprographics houses can also benefit from the HP Designjet 815 mfp printer with additional large-format scanning and copying services for their customers.

Add Color Scanning And Copying to an Existing HP Designjet Printer Hassle-free -– The HP Designjet Scanner 4200

For customers who already own an HP Designjet printer or want faster or more versatile printing performance, the HP Designjet Scanner 4200 can integrate seamlessly with that printer to create a complete mfp solution. The HP Designjet Scanner 4200 extends the functionality beyond printing to include copying and scanning. This increased functionality offers print service providers the ability to grow their business and offer more services, such as large-format prints and copies, enlargements and reductions, and file archiving. Pre-configured drivers and built-in network connectivity make it easy to add this scanner to earlier models of HP Designjet Printer series.

Standard in both the HP Designjet 815 mfp printer and the HP Designjet Scanner 4200 is a new touch-screen display with CD writer and keyboard that make it easy for even untrained users to scan, print, and copy from one machine. Sharp line and color consistency have been enhanced and the solutions come fully network ready. In addition, the closed-loop calibration system delivers consistent color reproduction.


The Designjet printers and scanners are already available in the Philippines with estimated street prices as follows:

Designjet 120 - Php 85,000.00
Designjet 120nr - Php 130,000.00
Designjet 815mfp - Php 1,435,300.00
HP Scanner 4200 - Php 1,154,000.00

Additional information on HP large-format printing products and services is available at http://www.designjet.hp.com.


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