The Matrix Reloaded

Last Friday, I got the chance to watch The Matrix Reloaded. Of course, like many women, I'm so thrilled to see Keanu Reeves back in this exciting film. (the love story part, wow, grabe talaga, super!)

I can't help it while watching the film, especially the part where the Oracle and Neo met, she just gave the best explanation of how object-oriented programming works. Where each object in the matrix is governed by an application that dictates on how it will interact with other objects in the environment. (Of course, we will have to wait for the Matrix Revolution this November in order to realize whether the Oracle betrayed Neo or was replaced by someone else.)

When the Architect (technology or system architect) was shown at the latter part of the movie, I can't help but say that the software
development methodology of the Matrix is still at CMMI level 1. Imagined the Matrix crashing 6 times already, they should have
learned by now.

It is also an issue of lack of security for the mother for the matrix, the Oracle, did something that none of its believers ever thought it would do, betray them (remains to be proven) and created the prophecy story to divert their attention. Although there's also the possibility that the Architect created such diversion.

Two thumbs up for The Matrix Reloaded and look forward to The Matrix Revolutions this November.


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