Digital Photography Made Fun and Easy

At first, I thought having a digital camera will make my picture-taking hobby fun and easy. As time goes by, I realized more and more that it takes skill and familiarity with the technology. There's also the issue of new models coming out too fast and too soon. Sometimes, you feel that the camera you're using now will be outdated and won't serve its purpose. However, as digital photography expert Derrick Story said, it is not the camera, it's the photographer that makes a great photo.

Digital cameras are now affordable, easy to use, and provide quality images that rival their traditional film counterparts. Digital images are easier to share, and because you only print the pictures you need, they're much more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

This slim little "Digital Photography Pocket Guide" gives you the tools and the knowledge to take the kind of pictures you've always wanted. Consider it your quick-reference photo mentor that explains each of the camera's components, shows you what they do, then helps you choose the right settings to accomplish your goal. When you want to ask an expert, "How can I get that picture?", simply pull this handy guide out of your camera bag, backpack, or back pocket, and you'll find the answer quickly.

The book covers everything from image resolution, flash modes, action photography, close ups and portraits, memory cards, emailing images, and archiving.

The "Digital Photography Pocket Guide" is for anyone who uses a digital camera. Even advanced amateurs forget whether to "overexpose" or "underexpose" in certain lighting conditions, and novices will appreciate the clear explanations of the various camera functions. Regardless of your prior experience, if you want to shoot like a pro with your digital camera, this guide is for you.


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