Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Intel Delivers Revolutionary Hyper-Threading Technology

November 19, 2002 - Intel Corporation introduced its innovative Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology for the new Intel Pentium 4 processor at 3.06 GHz. HT Technology enables a new class of high-performance desktop PCs for individual software programs that are multithreaded. HT Technology can boost PC performance by up to 25 percent.

This technology is the first commercial microprocessor to operate at 3 billion cycles-per-second and is made possible by the using 0.13-micron manufacturing technology.

"Just as people multitask to get more done, we expect our PCs to do the same," said Louis Burns, vice president and general manager of Intel's Desktop Platforms Group. "Hyper-Threading Technology is a breakthrough computing innovation that helps consumers and business people accomplish more in less time."

More than 75 percent of computer users say they multitask at least occasionally or frequently on their computers, according to a recent survey by Intel. The survey, fielded by Harris Interactive, also revealed that playing a PC game while burning a CD is the most popular multitasking combination. Nearly 50 percent of people owning a PC that is three or more years old said they do their older computer to handle more than one high-powered task at a time.

According to Ricky Banaag, country manager - Intel Microelectronics Philippines, Inc., "The introduction of Hyper-threading technology for the Intel 4 at 3.06 GHz is a manifestation of Intel's commitmment to deliver on our promise to continuously increase PC performance. Today, we are enhancing the PC experience not just through raw processor speed but by introducing HT technology, we are also improving the way our processors perform operations."

HT Technology provides IT managers the opportunity to increase infrastructure efficiency and security with new services while minimizing disruption for end users. Background applications such as continuous virus scanning, encryption, or compression can be run simultaneously without loss of responsiveness.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Palm Unveils New Sub-brands, Tungsten T and Zire

November 18, 2002 - Palm, Inc. makes new innovation of PDA's with Tungsten T and Zire handheld. Designed for mobile professionals and for users who are just getting started.

According to Palm, Inc., the Tungsten T handheld is the most compact Palm branded handheld on the market today and is built for what matters most to handheld users. The handheld's design and software integration deliver smooth, one-handed data management while new processing power and a new operating system supercharge applications. It comes bundled with 19 productivity, communication and entertainment applications.

Coined from the word desire or desirable, Zire handheld is for first-time handheld users migrating from diaries. The company markets it to the youth to say goodbye to paper and pen.

"The Palm Tungsten T handheld is business and communications power personified in a smart, compact device," Todd Bradley, president and chief executive officer of Palm Solutions. "It's about the data not the desktop. We don't stuff unnecessary PC capabilities into a smaller box; we adapt technology to what matters most to people. With the Palm Tungsten T handheld, professionals can be productive wherever they are."

The Tungsten T and Zire is a 16MB and 2MB device of actual storage capacity. Estimated street price of Tungsten T and Zire is PhP 28, 200 and PhP 6, 200 respectively.
ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

ACM ICPC 2002 will be held today at 9AM at University of Asia and the Pacific. More than 40 teams from all over the country and neighboring Asian countries are participating in the competition.

Let us all pray that a Philippine team makes it to the World Finals this year.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Sun Microsystem Appoints New GM

November 11, 2002 - Sun Microsystems Philippines, Inc. (SunPhil) named Raymund CS. Del Val as the new General Manager of the company after working with Hewlett-Packard as its local subsidiary's president and general manager. Del Val brings with him 22 years of progressive marketing and sales experience in the local Information Technology industry.

Prior to joining Sun, Del Val has been associated with three different multi-national companies. He held various management and sales positions with leading US computer makers like Unisys Corporation, Digital Equipment Corporation and Hewlett-Packard. He has management expertise and work experience in the fields of sales, marketing, business operations and human resource management.

"It is quite rare to find a top manager of Raymund's caliber and experience, who brings with him a wealth of experience working in the dynamic IT industry for over two decades," said Cynthia R. Mamon, SunPhil president and managing director. "We are very fortunate to have him on board. Amid the challenging times, the addition of Raymund will help us steering the business forward as we help our customers get more value from their IT infrastructure with Sun's innovative technologies and solutions that make the Net work."

Among Del Val's main responsibilities is to drive SunPhil's sales organization to deliver revenue growth, especially in industries like telecommunications, service providers, finance, and manufacturing. When asked about his strategies on his job, he said the key to driving sales is not really on company's product or technology, because technologies right now are all excellent. The key is how you manage accounts and maintain good relationship with your customers.

"I am very excited to take on my new role at Sun," said Raymund Del Val, general manager, SunPhil. "Sun's vision and strategy has remained focused. Local industries are looking at IT for more efficient and cost-effective ways to run their business. Sun has great products and some of the most compelling IT solutions to address these business requirements. My main goal is to bring the already successful Sun business in the Philippines to even greater heights."

Friday, November 01, 2002

Trying hard copy-cats!

It has just came to my attention that some college somewhere in Cebu just lifted the exact source of the UP Diliman College of Engineering website. Funny thing is, some of the links still points to UP Diliman. Check out the imitation by CSCST-College of Fisheries. [as of Nov. 1, 2002, 6AM, click on the CSCST-CF Webteam and it links to UP Diliman].

Is there anything we can do about this? It would have been great if they asked permission. Unfortunately, they did not. The nerve of these people!

Your suggestions are welcome. Just send it to UP Diliman's College of Engineering Webmaster .