When is the best time to switch to Linux?

Whilst we're asleep, two articles were published documenting the benefits of Linux over Windows OS. Should we consider switching now? I do not know with you but I am already using Linux in my desktops at the university.

First stop, GiftCertificates.com, a company founded by a former Microsoft executive, is now considering switching to Linux because of the new Microsoft licensing strategies. According to CEO Michael Ahern, the difference "is hundreds of dollars on the Linux side versus tens of thousands of dollars for Windows." Think about how much money these people have - in US dollars - as compared to our SMITEs and the government. Shouldn't we go the Linux route and save more money?

Second article from Linux Today is about the Total Cost of Ownership of Linux and Windows. This article presents that the TCO of Linux is less than half of that of Microsoft over a span of three years. Interesting, isn't it?

Question now is - what are you going to do about it?


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