Smallest Web Server available in the country

Well, I have read somewhere that there is a matchbox-sized webserver available in the US. Just imagine, one tiny device running your personal website. Ain't that cool? Of course it is - but only if it is affordable and available in the country.... but look no farther, check out the Sharp Zaurus SL5500. This is a PDA with a built-in thumb keyboard, a Compact Flash II expansion slot, SD/MMC card slot, full colour and multimedia ready and powered by the Intel XScale chip at 206Mhz. Not bad, huh? Same specs as most of the Pocket PCs of today.

What sets it apart from the rest is this - it is running LINUX. Yes, you heard that right! It is running LINUX and comes with Insignia's Jeode PersonalJava VM. It can sync with your PC - either Linux-based or Windows-based (haven't seen it on Mac OS X yet, though) using Qtopia Desktop or Intellisync. Now isn't this great?

Hang-on, there is more? Yes, just like what they say in those infomercials, if you call within 30 minutes of this ad, you get more... ;-) Not only does it run Linux, you can install APACHE, Virtual Network Computing server and client, OpenSSH, FTP, Kismet (WLAN sniffer), lots of games and even a Mac OS Classic emulator (and Palm OS as well!). It now becomes one very portable computer!

You may ask, but does it open my Office documents? Answer is, unfortunately, yes! It comes bundled with Hancom Office, which allow you to view Powerpoint, Excel and Word files. Not bad, huh? Add a PDF viewer and you're ready to go. Web browsing? Opera is there, too. Everything you need except the kitchen sink!

I love this tiny device - been deciding on getting the Fujitsu Loox, O2 XDA, Casio E200, Sony NR70V or even the 9210i. However, one thing that they cannot do is allow me to control the PDA via the network via telnet, ssh or vnc nor can they install applications without the need for a PC.

That is all for now - am off to making apache-php work so that I can have my webserver with me everywhere. Now, if only it runs Tomcat.


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