Romance with Digital Photography

My romance with digital photography began in 1997 when I got a writing assignment at World Executive Digest about the subject. I remember visiting Kodak Philippines office and did my interview. Right there and then, I fell in love with the Kodak DC20 and became my very first digital camera. This camera can only take up to 16 pictures and it doesn't have a flash. At present, I have 3 digital cameras and 2 traditional ones.

In a press conference recently, Kodak just launched 3 new digital cameras and the EasyShare system. This provides the industry's broadest number of integrated printing options that allow consumers to easily print at home using One Touch to Better Pictures and Kodak inkjet paper, from home by choosing to upload to either the EasyShare print service or another retail online photofinisher of choice, or at retail using Kodak digitally-enabled kiosks or over the counter.

The 2-megapixel Kodak EasyShare CX4230 Zoom Digital Camera, the first EasyShare camera with a "share" button that allows users to tag pictures for printing, e-mailing or as favorites right on the camera's preview screen. On-camera print tagging is as simple as choosing the print and selecting the number of prints required. When the camera is docked and images transferred, the Kodak EasyShare software automatically opens the print screen for printing at home or online. On-camera e-mail tagging is also simple and powerful. The camera stores up to 32 e-mail addresses directly from the software. Users simply tag the image for e-mailing and select an address. The CX4230 is the only camera in the world that automatically rotates pictures on the camera, so pictures taken vertically appear correctly.

Another camera featured is the DX4330, the first camera to debut Kodak's new 1.8" Indoor/Outdoor LCD display for effortless viewing even in bright sunlight. It also features 10X zoom with a Kodak Retinar aspheric all-glass 3X optical zoom lens, producing prints up to 11" x 14". Other features of this new model include continuous capture of video and sound limited only by the size of the memory card.

Another interesting one is the LS443 Zoom Digital Camera, the flagship model in Kodak's 2002 EasyShare portfolio. Its features include an 1.8" Indoor/Outdoor LDC screen with a non-glare coating; an on-camera "Share" button for quick printing, emailing, and organizing; a special-edition dock for one-touch picture transfer and fast recharging of the high performance Li-Ion rechargeable battery; a feature dial to access five scene modes close-up, landscape, sport, night and movie; option controls including a menu of three color modes; a burst mode for high speed sequence shooting; advanced auto focus; continuous video and playback option with built in speaker; automatic picture rotation; a "camera always ready" feature ensuring picture capture capabilities regardless of setting; 16MB of internal memory; and memory expansion slot.

However, one thing that bothers me with all of this digital photography is how one device can be obsolete in such a short time. But I guess this gives each one of us to get the best product at the time we decide to try it out.


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