New Computer Telephony Boards and Development Kit Launched

Intel Communications, Integrated Communications Group, and MediaSoft Technologies Corporation recently launched its new computer telephony products to meet ever-changing application needs in call center, unified messaging, call billing, among others

Several Dialogic boards were featured such as:
The D/120JCT-LS, a 12-port PCI analog voice processing board best for multimedia communications applications. The board contains on-board telephony interfaces.

The DualSpan - JCT Series, high-density T-1/E-1 ISDN PRI voice processing boards for communications applications requiring multimedia resources such as voice, software-based speech recognition, fax, and digital network interface in a single 32-bit PCI form factor slot.

The D/82JCT-U is a voice processing board with 8 on-board digital interfaces connects to today's most popular PBXs for unified and Internet- ready voice and fax processing applications. It is optimized for 8-64 port solutions. Use the D/82JCT-U board to build sophisticated, multimedia communications systems.

The SS7 Solutions (Signaling System 7) is the signaling system that forms the backbone of the international telecommunications network. Intel has a complete family of SS7 products ranging from board to server level that easily scale from 64 ports to over 16,000 ports.

The QuadSpan Voice Series are Quad T-1/E-1 ISDN network interface with up to 120 ports of voice processing and telephony signaling all in a single slot.

If computer telephony application development interest you, you can get yourself started in this area by checking out the Computer Telephony Application Development Environment. It is a set of development tools and programming interfaces that allows one to build portable computer telephony applications. You can download the evaluation software and test its functionality.


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