Bigfoot’s Birthday Blast

Before I start to rant about Bigfoot’s first anniversary shindig last Friday, allow me to turn back the time when Vincent Rallon and I first met this cool German guy and indeed, the man behind Mr. Michael Gleissner at the Cebu Airport last year.

Vincent as a local resident answered all the enquiries of Michael about Cebu and over dinner at Café Laguna we made him eat balut (boiled duck egg) and he really had the guts to taste it. Finally, after we rested our full stomach we drink the whole night away at Yo! Latino then hopped to Mi Vida and this started it all.

Now let’s get to the party, held at their new acquired building where the Bigfoot guys will be moving in before the end of this year. A video clip was played and it was full of wit and humor that keep the guests from cheering and clapping especially in the Q&A part where Michael answered all the allegations in his personal and nocturnal life, which really made the crowd roared and somewhat teasing him to admit it. The video clip also toured us inside the building wherein they will also have a call center, café and restaurant that will serve everything the way Michael likes it, and the enviable spa and gym exclusive for Michael and Bigfoot staff.

Bigfoot dubbed as the “Communications Powerhouse” also set a “Powerhouse” party. Imagine, starting off the show with a guy literally wearing huge blue shoes rappelling from the top floor of the building down to the ground, cultural dance performance that really entertained the foreign guests as well as the locals, live Latino band, which is the present music craze of Cebuanos, to Whitney Houston impersonation and of course, free booze.

Certainly, a party wouldn’t be complete without the drinking spree so I quickly ordered scotch on the rocks that brought surprise to my sister’s face, while she and Vincent were curious what’s in the drink list on our table seeing that it is named after Bigfoot’s offices in different parts of the world and they gamely agreed to try it all. First they had Bigfoot New York, they said it taste like Vodka with juice; next is Bigfoot China, also a vodka with a different mix; then Bigfoot Mexico, according to them it’s the strongest, so I bet it’s a Tequila mix drink; Bigfoot Havana, excuse me but I missed this one probably because I was busy dancing or mingling with other guests; and last but not the least is a truly pinoy creation, which is a mixture of gin and pomelo juice or known as “ginpom” is none other than our very own Bigfoot Cebu!

The rest of the night was spent on the dance floor, where Bigfoot guys and guests moved their feet in every beat of the drum. Even it was very humid that night, one lady just carried a woven fan while she groove on the dance floor. Now wasn’t it a great party? Even Vincent confessed, “First time nangyari ito sa Cebu!” These guys just really know how to reward themselves and party after sheer hard work. As Jose Cuervo ad puts it, “All Work and No Play is absolutely missing the point.”

So to Mr. Bigfoot man himself Michael and his staff ------- cheers to you all! =)


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