It is PhotoKina time once again and camera manufacturers are coming out with announcements of new cameras, be it film or digital. I am a digital photographer (never been a film-user, though) and I always keep track of the new digital technologies.

This week, we shall be expecting new digital cameras from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, to name a few. What is really interesting is Canon's announcement of their 11Megapixel FULL frame digital SLR and the price announcement of the Foveon-based Sigma digital SLR (also full frame).

I know quite a number of digital camera owners here in the country and most of us agree that it has come to a point where the print quality rivals that of film specially if you use the commercial printers such as Kameraworld's and Fuji Digital's.

Film will still be here - it is still far more affordable (the camera, that is) as compared to digital. We just can't expect the "masa" to get themselves a digital camera. But who knows? Nokia came out with the 7650 with a built-in camera and hopefully we'd get to see Sony-Ericsson's P800 this year along with the Siemens S55 and Nokia 3650.

Question is - are you digital yet? ;-)


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