Iomega Launched the Highest Capacity Drive in its Zip Family

Iomega Coporation, a reliable company in the line of data storage launched the Iomega Zip 750MB USB2.0 drive. At 50x50x50 read/write/rewrite speed and with three times more capacity than the existing Zip 250MB solutions, the new Zip 750MB drive and disk is positioned to become the fast and durable, portable solution to protect and back up important business and personal data.

In addition, the Zip drive is both for PC and Mac compatible and features a blazingly fast USB2.0 data transfer rate of up to 8MB per second. The drive is also backwards compatible with systems using USB1.1. For privacy protection, the Zip 750MB disks, like previous Zip disks, also carry a password security feature, that enable users to keep contents of the disk private.

According to Janice Chong, marketing officer for Asia Pacific, worldwide the company shipped 48 million drives and 300 million zip disk for this year 2002.

The product makes smart storage sense for small and medium businesses, small office/home office (SOHO) environments, creative industries (graphic designers and artists), consultants, corporate, government and education markets.

"It's perfect for home and small office workers who need an affordable, reliable and secure storage device such for backing up, protecting, saving and organising their digital contents such as financial records, correspondence, e-mail, and legal documents, graphics, video files and internet downloads," said Richard Lim, regional director, Iomega Pacific.

The drive is retailing at Php8,950.00 and the 750MB disks in a 10-piece pack at Php6,750.


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