1st local web-based multi-party conferencing solution launched (2002)

Very rare would a new technology get me excited on a consumer level. The last one was with DotPhone (that sadly never given the chance to come out) and Chikka. Now, there'a new application that sparked my enthusiasm and that is Infocom's AVICON.

AVICON claims to be the first local web-based multi-party conferencing solution that allows one to conduct meetings with multiple people anytime, anywhere. With a webcam and headset for voice, I can communicate using voice, video, text, and data at the same time. It also has conferencing tools like whiteboard, image sharing, whisper (sending message to only one person), chat, and meeting notification.

Ideally, users of this system must have a DSL or any 128kbps connection to enjoy all the features at good speed. However, dial-up users can also join the conference but their participation may be limited only to the chat/whisper portion.

AVICON Forum subscription entitles a user to have up to four conference attendees with one virtual conference room alloted. Two sets of webcam and headset are also given.

So with this new technology getting me all excited, am now working on converting my Internet access at home changed to DSL or cable to maximize this to my advantage. At last, this technology is here and we definitely should start meeting this way.


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