1st Full Blown Pre-Need Website Goes Online (2002)

Loyola Plans launched the 1st pre-need Internet website yesterday at http://www.loyolaplans.com. Powered by Authoriz.Net, the site can accept credit card payments online.

My sincerest congratulations to Loyola Plans for this Internet initiative. With the current crisis, a lot may have negative thoughts on the timing of this initiative. However, I firmly believe that it is not just about timing but doing it right. With all the failures of past local and international dotcom, I hope that Loyola Plans learned from those mistakes to ensure that their initiative wont suffer the same fate.

With the current crisis and so much uncertainty, having pre-need plans is a good investment. If you are not yet insured or have a pre-need plan to help secure yourself or your children's future, the time to have one is now.


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