Dreaming of CMM (2002)

Been away for a week and just got back fully online today. Well you see, I left my laptop power cord at College of Saint Benilde last Saturday after my one hour speaking engagement for this Internet marketing class of PANA. I just got it earlier and am glad to be back in my normal surfing mode.

I was in Cebu the whole week (July 29 to August 2) to attend this Software Engineering Class. It was fun and learned a lot. I have to take it in order to prepare myself to the Introduction to Capability Maturity Model for Software class which I'll do in Davao and Cebu this next two weeks. I can now truly say that is not too late for anyone to be a student again and learn/review what they thought they know already. How I wish I've done it sooner. On the other hand, perhaps this is the right time for the experience that I had makes this training more suitable and meaningful for my growth.

You might be wondering why I'm attending this software training stuff. Well, if I'll be lucky enough, I wanna become a certified CMM lead assessor and trainor someday. That is the reason why I'm coming up and supportive of projects that will let me achieve such an objective. As they say, plan with an end in mind. When I first decided to help on the passage of the Y2K and E-Commerce law, my objectives were very short sighted. I just want it be passed in order for the entire industry to grow. I didn't think much of myself then for I thought that fate will take care of me. However, it is not true. The glory that I was hoping to enjoy were not meant for me. Such is the reason when I thought of helping the software industry grow now, it is more than just helping the country and the small software development shops, I wanna picture myself getting something out of it too. Although it won't come to me in a silver platter, but at least I have something to aspire for not only for my country but for myself. I think it's about time that I look at things that way.

Time is not my bestfriend right now. So many things to do. Have no more time for politics and bickering. I have a dream to catch.


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