Craig Barrett visits the Philippines (2002)

After 2 years, Intel Corporation CEO Mr. Craig Barrett came to visit Philippines again yesterday with a very tight schedule. This time he launched Intel's key education initiatives to help realize the Philippines’ bid to become a premier Knowledge Center in the Asia Pacific region.

He said growing productivity and remaining competitive in the world's digital economy requires a skilled Filipino workforce trained in leading-edge computing and communications technology. The Philippines must use education, especially math, science and engineering education, to build a strong workforce that is equipped to compete in the digital economy.

With these opening move Intel showcases its different projects at the event, among these are:

Intel Computer Clubhouse in Cavite

The Intel Computer Clubhouse is a program where youth ages 8 to 18 have access to technology equipment and mentors to develop technology and life skills that encourage self-confidence and foster creativity. The venture was joined by Ayala Foundation, Inc. Co-vice Chairman Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II which according to Barrett that commitment shows the positive impact companies and organizations can have by working together.

Intel Innovation in Education

The Intel Teach to the Future program has trained some 12,000 teachers in the Philippines and is on track to train a total of 20,000 teachers by end of 2002. These teachers will be able to effectively integrate computer technology into classrooms to improve student learning and achievement in all regions of the country.

The challenge now is to build a knowledge-based economy. This Intel's initiative will help boost the education and digital capability of the Philippines. I believe that a knowledeable workforce and a strong digital infrastructure are the foundations of the future.


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