Jhermie blogs! (2002)

I recently got caught by surprise when my sister told me that she created her own blog. At least she has an outlet where she can share her thoughts and to her close friends who knows about it. Right on sister. It is not easy to look for job opportunities nowadays. Employers know and it is easy for them to get the people they need without the pressure of paying well. Nevertheless, just keep improving yourself and I'm sure you'll do well.

Recently, my digitalfilipino discussion group had been very noisy. One subscriber caught himself being mobbed for his online posting style. Well, another victim. Don't get me wrong, it is not intentional. I also had my jerk days. A good friend even teased me that I can write a good book on how to piss off people online. Well, I learned my lesson well. I think all of us have to be careful on how we conduct ourselves online. Not all damage done, online and personal, can be repaired.

I'm studying again and it began last Saturday. I'm taking up Structured Systems Analysis at Ateneo Information Technology Institute. Well I missed being a student.


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