Merry Christmas 2001

Happy holidays to everyone! =)

I think the best part of this holiday season is that you can have the time to fix a lot of your mess. You won't believe the amount of pending to-do stuff I have in my attic. Grabe!

I think the MLM fever just caught me. It started when one of my clients encouraged me to support his 2Learn&Earn program. Now I have my own online learning site that allows one to sign up for a training program online. It also allows people to create their own online learning site. Check it out!

Another cool stuff that I'm beginning to use is Chikka. I already said goodbye to ICQ and Yahoo Messenger. Chikka even has a lot of cool promotions if you were able to encourage friends to try it out. So I suggest you try it out. (my angel id is PH8789)

But the most unbelievable MLM program that I tried is from IMGame of Robert Sun. It claims to be the biggest text game in the Philippines. With 3 chances to win in three 1 million draws from Monday to Saturday aired at Studio 23. Once registered, you can refer your friends as well to register and play the game. The system has a rewards program in the form of gift certificates that can be used at Automatic Center, Blims, Sogo, Waltermart, Don Henrico and Magoos. Download the IMgame flyer for more info. Should you want to register, send "IMGAME HELP" or "SA00463" to 208 (Smart/Talk N Text) or 2308 (Globe).

As early as now, I'm already excited for the forthcoming E-Services Philippines event. It is the only outsourcing event in the country and I really hope that people from other countries can come to attend this event and give us the chance to correct the wrong impression that they have about the Philippines. There will be a DigitalFilipino networking night once again and we will be judging the best website for this event. I hope you could come.


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