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Increase your Team's Potential with The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game

I recently level-up as Independent Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team. What got me into it is my desire to improve my personal capacity and those I interact with through webinars, talks, classes, consultation, among others.

One of the best ways to engage people to talk, learn, and gain insights on leadership is The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game.

It is a two hour game that allows 6 to 12 people interact on this topic with the game cards as guide.

Although I have used the game as well to foster rapport building for larger groups.

I am enjoying the game a lot for the following reasons:
It is a useful team building exercise before the start of a long technical discussion. It warms everybody up. Interesting exchange about their views on leadership and of the organization. For client projects, this allows me to get to know them better.The awarding of gold and peer cards is a simple and meaningful way of appreciating co-workers or co-leaders.I am learning a lot from the experienc…

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