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Meal Plan Delivery Services in Quezon City, Metro Manila

In November 2021, I decided to start a wellness project where I will be trying out various meal plan delivery services. I hope this blog post will help those contemplating trying out these options. Why get a Meal Plan? What motivated me to try it out is to discover and learn the right meal combination from the viewpoint of chefs, nutritionists, and dietitians behind these meal plans. Meal plan prices vary from P750 and up per week. The convenience and variety of food make it a worthwhile investment towards better health. The weekly meal cost is only a fraction of what I used to spend on transportation and meals. For variety, I will explore different meal plans and observe how my body responds to them. Type of Meal Plans I would like to experiment with various types of meal plans. Here's my observation on what is available out there including: 1. Plant-based meal 100% vegetables with no meat at all.   I started my experiment with Plant-based Kusina (FB  @plantbasedkusina ). They are

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