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Digitalization Project Ideas for Maharlika Investment Fund

Although most of us have much to know about the Maharlika Investment Fund, there are digitalization projects that come to mind where the funds can be invested and be revenue-generating and self-sustaining if administered well. Some wild thoughts and feel free to add. The devil is in the details, I know. But consider these as big-picture ideas. 1. Official Electronic Receipts Although a lot of tax payments and reporting can be done electronically, our receipts and invoices are paper-based by default. If there can be a default electronic official receipt, invoices, etc. that can be created, it will make it faster for new businesses to set up and existing businesses to order an additional set of e-booklets. Revenue can come from the series purchase and platform subscription. 2. Certificate Authority and Digital Notary Invest in a certificate authority that can issue digital certificates verifying the identity of entities entering into transactions. Make it a requirement to ensure transpar

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